Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed roller tapered roller as a result of a 90-degree V-groove rolling surface of the retainer through the intervals arranged perpendicular to each other. This design can withstand the cross-roller radial, axial and torque loads in all directions. Crossed roller bearings are widely used in industrial automation robots, machine tools and medical equipment arm which require precision, high rigidity, compact and high-speed.


Cross roller bearings have features of high loading capacity, good rigidity, high precision rotation and easy installation. 

KNC cross roller bearings are including the overall type, outer ring separation type and inner ring separation type. For a needs of anti-fouling and anti-leakage, seals can be installed on both sides.


RB Type: The inner and outer ring minimum size is miniaturized. Consist of two semi-outer rings and one inner ring, best suited for high-precision rotating inner ring of occasions.

RE Type: Consist of two semi-inner rings and one outer ring, best suited for high-precision rotating outer ring of operation.

RA type: The wall thickness of the inner & outer ring is made of thin lightweight; consist of two semi-outer rings and one inner ring.  The RA type is cross-fixed with rivets and non-separate type of roller bearings. This cross roller bearing is small and can bear the load.  Thus, bearing or side flange plate can be lightweight, best suit for rotary joints of the robot arm portion.