Depth Filter for Polishing Slurry Filtration

Depth Filter for Polishing Slurry Filtration

CMP cartridges use a unique rolled structure which ensures the precise filtration of CMP slurry. It captures the larges particles efficiently and lets the usable particles pass through. The graded pore size from outside to inside increases the dirt holding capacity and extend the filter service life.

Features and Benefits

* Low Extraction Level: An all polypropylene construction and thermal bonding technology eliminates the use of adhesives and enables the lowest extraction level.

* Graded Pore Structure: Graded pore size structure eliminates the condensate slurry from blocking the membrane surface increasing the usability of porous area.

* Efficient Filtration: The unique roll structure provides accurate separation of CMP slurry, captures large particles and releases usable particles.

* No Fiber Releasing: The special external mesh eliminates fibers released from the filter.