Polyethersulfone/Polysulfone Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

Polyethersulfone/Polysulfone Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

KANER's ACPV and DAR series filter cartridges are high-capacity and high-efficiency filter that have been developed with improvements. They are made of unique anti-contamination asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) membrane and PS membrane. These filter have wide applications in industries such as optoelectronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and food and beverage. The asymmetric membrane pore structure enhances the flow rate and extends the service life. Through experiments, it has been demonstrated that these filter cartridges have a lifespan that is 3-5 times longer than other similar products, greatly reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Features and Benefits

  • The asymmetrical membrane pore structure provides high dirt-holding capacity
  • The high porosity design improves flow rate and extends the service life
  • 100% integrity testing ensures absolute sterilization and filtration efficiency
  • Wide chemical compatibility with a pH working range of 1-14

Specific Applications

  • Filtration of cleaning after wet processes in the electronics industry
  • Ultra-pure water filtration for high cleanliness requirements
  • Filtration of cleaning agents, buffering solutions, and disinfectants
  • Sterilization filtration of large batches of pharmaceutical liquids
  • Terminal filtration of deionized water in the electronics industry
  • Filtration of food and beverages